Tuesday, September 18, 2018

              WELCOME TO THE BECC!

Dear Families,

I want to welcome you to the Burlington Early Childhood Center and our Barnyard Buddies classroom!  We spend our first couple weeks of school getting to know our students, teaching them about our classroom routines and expectations, and getting them accustomed to our daily schedule.  In the beginning of the year we do a lot of assessment activities during our small group time; such as matching color/size/shape, sorting, writing our name, practicing snipping and cutting with scissors, and copying lines.  The results from their assessment work help me plan small group activities and differentiate instruction so that each child is working on developmentally appropriate material. 

Here are the books we are reading this week.  We're learning about the words "title" and "character" when we talk about our story books.
Image result for planting a rainbowImage result for Preschool time bookImage result for down by the barn bookImage result for polar bear polar bear bookImage result for Mouse count book

Small Groups
Our small group work is generally tied into the books we read that day so that we can make connections to our text.  Our small groups are multi-step activities that focus on academic tasks and may include; matching letters on our name-tag, writing/tracing our name on our paper, cutting, sorting/matching, gluing, and coloring.

Monday           Snipping paper and practicing gluing and coloring
                             in a defined space
Tuesday           Cutting and matching shapes
Wednesday      Cutting and sorting big and small school buses
Thursday         Writing our name and cutting with scissors on a line
Friday              Counting our age and matching number to quantity
                             with cupcake candles

Choice Time
Choice time is an opportunity for child-centered play.  We have four open tables for choice time, each with a different focus; science, literacy, math, and fine motor.  We also have open-ended play areas such as dramatic play, block area, the rug, and the sensory table.  Toys rotate on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and generally relate to our monthly theme.  Books are also always open for students to browse.  Here are our choice time options this week. 

Red Table         Tracing/Matching our friends names
Yellow Table    Blending colors and making shapes on the lightbox
Green Table      Peg boards
Blue Table        Shape sorters
Sensory Table   Sand and seashells
Block Area        Vehicles and a road map rug
Big Rug             Dollhouses
Dramatic Play   Kitchen

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

-The Barnyard Buddies

Friday, June 15, 2018

Dear Families,

We are wrapping up our school year with our last week of school!  We're finishing up our Spring/Outdoors unit, and we have lots of fun activities planned for the week.  On Wednesday we will have a special water day!  Students will bring bathing suits and towels to school and we will have outdoor water activities to play.  A reminder notice about water day will be sent home on Monday.  And don't forget, on June 21st we have our End Of The Year show, 10:50 for AM class and 1:50 for PM class. 

Here's what books we will be reading this week.
Image result for big bugs pop up bookImage result for how a seed growsImage result for very busy spiderImage result for play with me book

Small Groups

Monday              Where's the Bug positional book
Tuesday              Caterpillar patterns
Wednesday         Water Day
Thursday             End of the Year Show
Friday                 Paper plate spider web

Choice Time

Red Table                coloring
Blue Table              rhyming lotto
Green Table            puzzles
Yellow Table          butterfly symmetry match
Rug                         farms
Blocks                     cars
Sensory Table         grass and bugs
Dramatic Play         kitchen

-The Barnyard Buddies